DevOps Engineer / SRE (Portugal)

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DevOps Engineer / SRE (Portugal)
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QA & Testing is often seen as an unexciting though necessary aspect of the software development process.

We’re here to change that.

Here at SpotQA we’re working hard to develop exciting new technologies, harnessing the power of machine learning and combining this with extensive domain expertise to enable testing to be performed fully autonomously. Something akin to self-driving cars of the testing world!

We know this is no easy feat, but nothing worth doing ever is. If you’re excited and inspired by the prospect of working with a team of highly educated, expert engineers from around the world to build ground-breaking, and dare we say game-changing, applications to make testing easier, more efficient and autonomous, then we’d like to talk with you.

Based out of the LX Factory, a historical industrial complex in the vibrant city of Lisbon, which has been refurbished to house an array of arty retailers, unique restaurants and modern co-working spaces.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the projects you’ll work on and lead as a DevOps Engineer / SRE at SpotQA:
  • Enable us continue to expand our platform across multiple cloud providers
  • Help us to improve the scalability of our infrastructure so we are truly enabled to serve enterprise customers.
  • Adopt a continuous delivery approach for our services.
  • Take responsibility for migrating us over to Kubernetes from ECS.

Essential Skills you’ll need:
  • Previous experience with infrastructure as code and associated tools (i.e Terraform, Cloudformation etc)
  • Be familiar with using monitoring and other diagnostics to fix an outage in a production environment
  • Have worked on a team to deliver a product using continuous integration/delivery
  • Solid knowledge of Git
  • Programming experience with at least one major language
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux (strong bash skills)
  • Experience with containerised deployments (we use Docker on ECS, with prospect of migrating to Kubernetes)
  • Have been involved in designing a cloud-based solution
  • Be a champion of shippability - responsible for working with other engineers to reduce time-to-release of our codebase
  • Familiarity with discovery services (we use Consul)
Bonus Points for:
  • Understanding of JVM and Linux performance characteristics (if you know who Brendan Gregg or Julia Evans are that’s an added bonus point!)
  • Experience with bootstrapping a DevOps capacity in a team
  • Familiarity with configuring Grafana and Prometheus (tools we use)
  • Extensive experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience working in an SRE capacity (ability to drop in to code to diagnose problems)
We know that as engineers you’ll have a mix of different skills, technologies and experiences, so we’ve tried to keep our ‘wants’ to a minimum (it was super hard!), and thought sharing details of our tech stack would be more interesting to you.

Our Tech Stack:
  • Java services (distributed architecture)
  • Languages: Java, Javascript / Typescript / Node.js, Python
  • PostgreSQL for relational database
  • Vue / VueX for frontend
  • Consul for discovery
  • AWS (ECS, S3, CloudFront, ALB)
  • Prometheus for metric monitoring
  • ELK for logging
  • Ansible for configuration management
  • Terraform for infrastructure management
  • Github for source control
  • CircleCI for CI / CD
  • Hazelcast
  • Your favourite technology that can help solve challenges
  • The opportunity to bring your own ideas to reality (we love new solutions and ideas!)
  • Team retreats every 6 months... somewhere nice because you’ve earned it!
  • Full Jetbrains pack license (IntelliJ et al)
  • Private health insurance
  • Take your birthday as holiday every year!
  • Sabbatical opportunities
  • Flexible and remote work options
  • A new laptop and/or use your own equipment
We have a simple two-step technical assessment process as part of the overall interview:
  • We don’t expect you to write code in an unrealistic interview setting. To take away the stress of whiteboard tests, you get a small take-home challenge and you have a week to complete it (in a Gitlab repository that you can freely develop your code on) that will take no more than a few hours.
  • If we’re happy with your submission in step 1, we schedule a one-to-one skype session to first provide you with detailed feedback on your submission, ask you a few more questions related to the code and solution you submitted and then it’s over to you to interview us. We make our decision after this stage, and you’ll hear from us with our final decision within 48 hours.


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