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Database Developer
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The Tribe

"Prozis is a powerhouse product developing company.
Every day we make new products. That is only possible because we developed our own proprietary technology that ensures that we bring you high quality, beautiful and fair priced products.
We endure in our philosophy of a 4.0 vertical process, manufacturing in our own facilities or with the help of our super partners.
We do everything: idea, concept, design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales, logistics, printing, distribution, client support, software development, photo, video, 3D and philosophy. We deliver wherever you are, whenever you want. We don't compromise.
We breathe technology, drink design and feed on our will to exceed ourselves making the best products in the world.
This all starts in 2007 with a crazy guy in a garage that thinks he can change the world for the better. Right now, we are hundreds, going to thousands of crazy but focused people. Will is a skill.
There is a lot of people that want to buy us out. We don't have a F****** price tag. It's not about the money. It's about our mission. Trust us. We will feed your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself."

- miguel milhão

The Team

Prozis Tech division is focused on the development and continuous improvement of software products to support Prozis operation and strategy.

This is a young and motivated team, determined to make things happen. We need you to help us in this world domination tour.

The Role

Are you passionate about challenges? Designing a stable and reliable database model according to business requirements, is something you almost blindfolded? Can you develop, test, improve and maintain new and existing databases to help users retrieve data effectively?

If you got three yes, maybe this can be your project!!


In this role, you'll join our Relational Database Team, working in close collaboration with Product Development and Business Intelligence teams.

For this position, we value the following:
  • Graduate degree in Computer Science or similar;
  • Experience as Database Developer or Database Administrator;
  • Query tuning experience;
  • Hands on experience with SQLServer 2008R2 or later;
  • Good T-SQL programming skills;
  • DevOps mindset;
  • Communication and organization skills are keys for this position, along with a problem-solution attitude.
Did You Know?

Every day we prepare and ship more than 12k orders!


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