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Quality Owner
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Job description, low-code style:
As the #1 low-code application development platform, OutSystems provides customers with everything they need to build apps incredibly fast. So, lets cut to the chase: were looking for a Quality Owner is the quality expert for product areas. Simply put, they are senior software engineers who chose to specialize in the quality aspects of their product areas because they are passionate about quality and obsessed with continuous improvement.

The longer story:
The OutSystems low-code platform enables customers to facilitate digital transformation through massive efficiency gains in building and supporting enterprise-grade applications. By leveraging automation, artificial intelligence and deep technology integrations, software developers and business users can build applications through an intuitive, visual interface, rather than traditional coding. Customers experience tremendous cost savings and create competitive advantages by developing custom applications in days and weeks versus months and years, despite a shortage of skilled developers.

QOs work embedded in the product engineering team and are responsible for driving the team quality culture. They apply systems thinking to drive improvements throughout the entire product lifecycle (from idea, through development to delivery and operation). QOs are involved from the very early stages of feature design, ensuring that quality, testability and observability are built into our software right from the beginning.

At OutSystems we all own the quality of our product. Testing for us is an activity and not a specialized role. All our software engineers know how to test and create automated tests that run in CI. As a QO youll be working side-by-side with your team assisting them in applying the best strategies and techniques to gain confidence in the quality of new features.

Quality Owners coach their teams in advanced quality practices and risk management engineering. They drive their teams towards working in smaller batches, releasing more frequently, shortening feedback loops and learning from log analytics and customer feedback. They also advise teams on how (and what) to test and coach them in advanced test automation techniques like BDD/TDD, mocking, A/B Testing, performance testing, fault injection, etc.

In keeping with OutSystems goal of continuous software integration and deployment in the enterprise domain, we require extreme confidence in every aspect of quality engineering; youll be part of a top tier engineering group that actively optimizes the development, build, test and deployment of OutSystems most advanced systems for application development.

We believe quality engineering is a craft that requires deep training and skill. We invest in our employees. But we also expect you to take responsibility for your own personal growth and continuous improvement. Our employees love to learn, and challenge themselves (and others around them) to grow.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with your team in gaining confidence in the quality of enterprise grade software that touches thousands of enterprise customers;
  • Be involved in the early design of new features to ensure quality is built in from the start;
  • Assist team in shortening product delivery lead times, by championing CI/CD practices;
  • Drive quality engineering practices and continuous improvement in your team;
  • Contribute to automated test coverage, product telemetry, monitoring and any other feedback loops;
  • Be a champion for testability, TDD, mocking and quality engineering practices within your team;
  • Shift-left validations and foster shorter feedback loops;
  • Assist the team in managing their risk by identifying blind spots and appropriate mitigations.

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science or similar;
  • 5+ years of experience in software development or testing. Strong programming skills in a high level programming language;
  • Experience with continuous integration and delivery;
  • Experience with test automation at scale (i.e. working with thousands of test cases);
  • Passionate about quality and obsessed with customer feedback;
  • Fluency in English and good communication skills.
Working at OutSystems
We dont have many rules, but we have a lot of common sense. Our commitment to our culture is highlighted in The Small Book of the Few Big Rules, written by our Founder and CEO, Paulo Rosado. This commitment to culture has landed us in the top six Forbes Best Cloud Computing Companies and CEOs To Work For three years running.
  • Disrupting the status quo is in our DNA. In fact, its why our company exists
  • We ask why a lot. It helps us connect our individual work to the bigger picture, and sometimes even uncover a better way
  • Our offices are great places to be, but will never be the stuff of future tech mockumentaries. Were much more down-to-earth than that
If you would like to know more about what it's like to work at OutSystems, you can follow our daily life and tech challenges on Facebook and Twitter.

About OutSystems
Our software platform is revolutionizing how organizations build and deliver business-transforming applications. OutSystems is one of the fastest growing B2B software companies in the world, with a base in Lisbon, Portugal, international locations in Atlanta, Boston, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Singapore, and customers in more than 52 countries.
  • Recognized as a leader in our market by top analyst firms, like Forrester and Gartner;
  • Winner of multiple industry awards, including the prestigious CODiE award;
  • Loved by customers who have voted us the best low-code software platform (Gartner Peer Reviews, TrustRadius, and G2 Crowd).


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